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Working K9s

Law Enforcement/Military

CFK9 is committed to providing the highest quality of K9 training and education within the working dog community. With comprehensive knowledge and experienced professionals, we provide fully trained single and dual purpose K9s. We also run courses tailored to your department's handlers needs and offer short term specialized training to resolve any issues with your K9 team. Contact us to discuss training requirements.


Search & Rescue
CFK9 offers experienced Search and Rescue (SAR) K9s and trainers with an innovative approach to training and education. We specialize in teaching the SAR K9 handler and their K9 both scent methods (trailing and tracking) and Human Remains Detection (HRD) for live and cold finds. Adept at working with breeds and cross-breeds, we help K9s develop their skills in obedience, tracking, scent recognition, and area search procedures, while honing handler’s skills in team building, various search patterns, communication, and safety awareness. Contact us to discuss SAR requirements.

Service Dogs

CFK9 offers specialized training to dogs needed to assist their handler with a wide array of tasks. Our staff can train dogs to perform tasks such as PTSD mitigation techniques, medical alert, mobility assistance, and much more. We focus on providing you with the best dog to accommodate your medical needs and your lifestyle. Do you have your own dog and want to know if they would be a good fit as a service dog? Contact us to discuss Service Dog requirements.

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