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Behavior Modification

Behavior Modification is for dogs that exhibit extreme behavioral challenges. These can include severe anxiety, fear, or even aggression. Contact us today to see how we can help you and your pup overcome these challenges.

Behavior Modification Package 10 x 1 hour Lessons

Designed for dogs with extreme behavioral challenges such as high anxiety, fear, or aggression. In this setting we will help you the owner understand why the dog is exhibiting certain behaviors while providing corrective course of action. 

Price: $1,500 (equipment not included)

3 Week Behavior Modification Board & Train Program

Designed for young and adult canines, our 3 Week Behavior Modification Board & Train Program provides help to dogs exhibiting high anxiety, fear, or aggression around unfamiliar people, situations, or other dogs. After a short decompression period, we acclimate your companion to the leash without creating additional stress, and gradually increase external elements or stressors over time to build confidence and modify inappropriate behavior. With gentle guidance, patience, and owner training, we will help your canine companion to overcome anxieties and react appropriately in difficult situations, while working at their pace.

Price: $4,000 (equipment included)

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