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Personal Protection

*Consultations are required to evaluate your canine companion and determine the training solution that best meets your collective needs and desired outcomes. Please contact us to schedule your assessment and begin your journey!

Protection K9s

CFK9s Protection training is designed to teach protection skills and proper control, but also ensure the safety and well-being of the K9, your home, property, and family. We take a positive reinforcement approach to teaching obedience, environmental awareness, identification of suspicious activity/persons, barking deterrents, bite inhibition, and the appropriate response to pressure, while emphasizing consistency and clarity in directives. We ensure your K9 is well-equipped to protect you and your family in an effective manner. 


CFK9 will also hand select, train, and deliver fully trained protection K9s that display a good balance of family companionship and a strong ability to protect. Contact us to discuss your protection needs.

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