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Pet Training Programs

*Consultations are required to evaluate your canine companion and determine the training solution that best meets your collective needs and desired outcomes. Please contact us to schedule your assessment and begin your journey!*

Private Lessons

Our lesson packages are designed to help you and your dog achieve desired goals based on your collective needs. During your lessons you will be taught canine handling techniques, and the proper use of specialized tools and equipment where applicable. These lessons are conducted primarily at our training facility in Boiling Spring Lakes, NC which offers over 2,300 SQ’ of indoor, climate-controlled training space, plus one acre of outdoor private space, as well as local off-site locations to apply your newly learned skills. All lessons are led and demonstrated by our instructors, followed by hands-on application of the tools and techniques you need to continue building upon your success under the guidance of our trainers.

Board & Train

Our board and train programs are designed to achieve the best results in the shortest possible time. We understand that every dog is unique in personality and possess their own traits, behaviors and challenges. Our programs take these factors into careful consideration, allowing our trainers to tailer your companions training to achieve desired results in a timely manner. Owners are also trained throughout the boarding period at key points, with additional training lessons after you bring your companion home.

Behavior Modification

Are you experiencing behaviors such as snarling, snapping, lunging, or even biting towards other people or dogs? Extreme Behaviors like these require special attention as they can often escalate or put others in danger. Our staff is trained to deal with even the most aggressive cases. We will work with you and your family in order to effectively change your dogs behavior.

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