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Private Lessons

Our Private Lessons are designed to get the most out of your time with us. With different lesson packages to suit your needs and goals, you and your pup will receive personalized attention from our staff in a 1-on-1 setting where we guide you through the training process and help you achieve success.

Puppy Package 5 x 1 hour Lessons

Designed to equip you and your pup (up to 16 weeks) with the foundational tools, skills, knowledge, and fundamental rules you can follow throughout your dog’s life. With an emphasis on clarity and calmness, these lessons will enable you to raise a calm, well-mannered pup.​

Price: $650 (equipment included)


Basic Package 5 x 1 hour Lessons

Designed for you and your pup to master basic on-leash obedience, this training package is ideal for pups or young dogs with little to no training.

Price: $685 (equipment included)


Intermediate Package 7 x 1 hour Lessons

Designed specifically for young to adult dogs, this package provides the essential skills and training taught in our basic package but with the addition of leash guidance, control, and exposure to different environments outside of the home. With a special emphasis on leash manners, control and exposure to environments outside of the home, these lessons will enable you and your canine companion to interact in an acceptable manner at home and in public.​

Price: $850 (equipment included)


Advanced Package 10 x 1 hour Lessons

Designed for dogs 6 months or older, this package involves building advanced skills for both you and your canine companion. We focus strongly on canine behavioral understanding and consistency in commands, actions, reactions, and acceptable behaviors. In addition to using multiple training methods to achieve results, we integrate and emphasize the correct use and utilization of the e-collar to define clear boundaries and acceptable behaviors while maintaining consistency, resulting in the elimination of unacceptable behaviors. One of CFK9’s most sought after and popular training packages, we strive to bring out the very best in your dog, both at home and in public environments.​

Price: $1,500 (equipment included)

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