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Board & Train Programs

Unleash your dog's full potential! Our popular Board & Train programs are designed with YOU in mind. Busy schedules and limited time can make it difficult when trying to train your pup! During these programs, your pup will stay with our highly-trained staff at our specialized facility. Here you pup will run, play and learn to be best they can be! *Limited Space Available*

1 Week Puppy Development Program (8-14 weeks old)

Designed to give your pup a good start in life, this 1 Week Puppy Development Program is perfect for pups who are 4 months old or younger. The program is an immersive training experience that teaches proper socialization techniques and introduces foundational obedience skills. Your companion will learn basic positions, leash walking, and gain the confidence they need for further development. Through this program, our trainer will be able to assess your pup's temperament and address any potential problems before they can become an issue in the future.​

Price: $1,200 (including equipment)

2 Week Basic On-Leash Program (6 Months +)

Designed for canines with little to no training, this 2 week On-Leash Program is best suited for dogs that need to be trained from the ground up. Your canine companion will learn how to obey commands such as Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Leave It, Heel, Up/Off, and Place. The emphasis of this program is also to teach your dog correct leash walking manners, and is ideal for dogs who may have had a difficult past, such as rescues and re-homes, who are just joining your family​.

Price: $2,400 (including equipment)

3 Week Intermediate On-Leash Program (6 Months +)

Designed to get the best mannered pup, this 3 week Intermediate On-Leash Program will teach your canine companion the same skills as those in our basic program, test those skills in a variety of environments throughout the local area, and introduce the proper use of e-collar in training. As CFK9’s most sought after and popular Board & Train program, we are extremely successful at identifying, addressing, and preventing undesired behaviors in diverse environments or stressful situations by focusing on reliability and control of your companion. ​

Price: $3,800 (including equipment)

5 Week Advance Off-Leash Program (6 Months +)

Designed for owners deeply committed to their canine companions with the desire or need to have them accompany you most everywhere. This 5 week Advance Off-Leash Program will teach your companion to respond to cues like sit, down, stay, come, leave it, heel left and right, center, up/off, and place, both on and off leash. We will also equip your dog with the skills to wait at doorways, sidewalks, and in cars before entering or exiting. To test your dog's learned abilities, we will expose them to many lively places such as restaurants, breweries, local events, and stores.

Price: $6,250 (including equipment)

*Consultations are required to evaluate your canine companion and determine the training solution that best meets your collective needs and desired outcomes. Please contact us to schedule your assessment and begin your journey!

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